ANN now streaming Fist of the North Star

Anime News Network is now streaming the first 54 subbed episodes of the Fist of the North Star anime series for free.

Fist of the North Star is a 109 episode series based on the manga by Buronson, and drawn by Tetsuo Hara. The manga ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1983 to 1988 with 27 volumes. The manga spawned a whole franchise, including this anime series by Toei Animation, also popular for animating Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon.

The anime ran from 1984 to 1987. Then it got a sequel anime series, also by Toei Animation, which ran from March 1987 to February 1988 with 43 episodes. It also got some anime films, video games, spin-off manga from other authors, an OVA, a manga and anime prequel, and a side-story manga.

In North America, the original manga was licensed by Viz Media, but was then canceled, and re-licensed by Gutsoon! Entertainment, who also canceled it midway. The anime was never licensed in America!

ANN is also now streaming:

five more subbed episodes of Nobody’s Boy, Remi by Sony

two more dubbed episodes of Monster by Viz Media

three  more subbed episodes of One Piece by FUNimation.

One more subbed episode of Cross Game by Viz Media

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