I would like a Kingdom Hearts TV series.

No, really, I would. I like the games, and I think that a single film wouldn’t be able to fully show the whole plot. A anime series would be really cool, and Disney XD could air it.

I wouldn’t ming CGI or normal anime animation. Either would be fine, as long as it was created. I would watch it, for sure. They might have to change some of the voice actors, but thats fine too.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Sorry if the post seems rushed, but I am in a hurry.


2 Responses to “I would like a Kingdom Hearts TV series.”

  1. An anime of the KH franchise sounds like a grand idea. I’d be up for watching it!

    I on the other hand always wanted a KH MMORPG.
    -Make your own Original keyblade.
    -Go from world to world searching for clues left behind by the king.
    -Gain new abilities along the way along with changeable keyblades from the original KH series.
    -Create a three-man-party with other online players instead of running around with Goofy and Donald all the time!

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