ANN now streaming Romeo X Juliet, Project Blue Earth SOS, and Moeyo Ken (OVA)

ANN, AKA Anime News Network, has added more anime series to their online streaming sites. ANN is streaming all 24 subbed episodes of Romeo X Juliet, and the first 4 dubed, all 6 dubbed episodes of Project Blue Earth SOS, and all subbed and dubbed 4 episodes of Moeyo Ken.

Romeo X Juliet is a historical romance anime based on the classic play by Shakespeare. Animated by Gonzo, it ran in Japan from April 2007 to September 2007. It also spawned a manga series by Reiko Yoshida, which began running in Monthly Asuka magazine in 2007, and is still going with over two volumes.

In North America, the anime is licensed by FUNimation. The manga was recently licensed by Yen Press.

Project Blue Earth SOS is a sci-fi anime series. It ran in Japan from July 2006, to December 2006. All the episodes were an hour. It was animated by A.C.G.T., whom also animated Koi Kaze.

In North America, it was licensed by ADV Films, but is now licensed by FUNimation.

Moeyo Ken is fantasy OVA based on the PC game. In Japan, it was released November 2003, and animated by Trinet Entertainment. Later on in 2005, it was remade into an anime series, which ran from July 2005 to September 2005 with 13 episodes, and was also animated by Trinet Entertainment.

In North America, the OVA is licensed by ADV, and the anime series is licensed by FUNimation. The PC game has yet to be licensed.

ANN is also now streaming more episodes of other anime:

One more subbed episode of Naruto Shippuden from Viz Media

Three more subbed episodes of One Piece from FUNimation

Two more dubbed episodes of Monster from Viz Media

One Response to “ANN now streaming Romeo X Juliet, Project Blue Earth SOS, and Moeyo Ken (OVA)”

  1. kashim40 Says:

    great.. cheers 😀 more anime streaming to come 😀

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