Kodansha USA licenses manga galore!

Alot of you manga fans are probably annoyed at Del Rey. They delay titles, drop them randomly, sometimes releases are totally erratic, lately they release manga in big packs for more money, etc. Well, a few months ago, Kodansha announced that they would personally release some manga that Del Rey had dropped and delayed. Well, they didn’t lie!

Kodansha USA will publish the next volumes of the following manga that Del had dropped/delayed:

Air Gear


Fairy Tale

I Am Here!


Negima!? Neo

Ninja Girls

Rave Master

Shugo Chara

The Wallflower

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

Pretty cool, huh? Also, Kodansha USA announced that they have licensed some manga that were previously unreleased in North America. These include:

Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney by Kenji Kuroda

Monster Hunter Orange by Hiro Mashima

Deltora Quest by Makoto Niwano

Mardock Scramble by Yoshitoki Oima

Animal Land by Makoto Raiku

Bloody Monday by Ryo Ryumon

Cage of Eden by Yoshinobu Yamada

I am personally most excited about Deltora Quest, since I read the original novels and watched the anime, which airs on The Hub every day, and since I like the novels and the anime, I am also looking forward to the manga, which beforehand, everyone thought would never, ever get licensed.

Anyway, I am glad because this gives hope for other manga that Del Rey dropped. Anyway: Thanks Kodansha!


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