Underrated, un-popular games that I own part 1

As a game collector, I have played and bought many games that would make people ask “What then heck is that game? I have never heard of it, so it must be really suckish!”. Well, that isn’t always the case. Unknown games can be fun, too. To be fair, when it comes to games, I am not very picky at all. I will enjoy and game short of puzzle games. Anyway, here is the list:

1. Draglade. Known in Japan as Custom Beat Battle Draglade, this game for the Nintendo DS mixes fighting, anime-ish RPG, and even…music. Yes, you heard right. Music. This game was released in North America by Atlus USA, and I am glad too. The game takes place in a post-modern world where everyone has this device called a G-Con. G-Cons are toys/weapons that people use in friendly competition, but like many toyetic anime, the villains also use these for their evil goals. The game is pretty fun, and I would reccomend it to anyone who like fighting games that make you use musical combos. It has a sequel, but a US release seems not-so-likely.

2. Mystic Heroes. Mystic Heroes is a Japanese beat ’em up video game based on a Chinese novel, Fengshen Yanyi. The game was released for the Nintendo Gamecube, Game Boy Advance, and PlayStation 2. It was published by Koei. The game is just like Dynasty Warriors for a younger age. Imagine all the characters smaller and younger, and the game not as long, and there you have it. If you like beat ’em ups like Dynasty Warriors, GET THIS GAME. Don’t let the “For younger audiences” thing scare you, this is almost as hardcore as beat ’em ups get. P.S. I got the Gamecube version.

3. Transformers. No, not the games based on the films. Everybody knows about those. No, I mean the 2004 PlayStation 2 video game published by Atari based on the Transformers: Armada anime series. This game trumps all the film-based video games. There are no annoying humans. There are no levels that have nothing to do with the plot. There are no annoying side-missions. The graphics are actually better, and I loved the cutscenes. If you are a Transformers fan with a PS2 and you don’t have this game, then hurry and get it.

4. Spyborgs. Spyborgs is a sci-fi beat ’em up for the Nintendo Wii, and was published by Capcom. This game is surprisingly good, although the plot left alot to be desired. This game is from some of the same creators as some of the Ratchet and Clank games, so the battle style is similar. You blast things, these things drop colorful orbs, its chaotic, and its crazy. Still, I liked it, and I hope it sells well. This game is begging for a sequel.

Thats it for today. I’ll have some more soon.


2 Responses to “Underrated, un-popular games that I own part 1”

  1. I loved Mystic heroes 🙂

    • Thats cool. I got it because someone told me it was like Dynasty Warriors son. When I heard this, I decided to check it out, and it was pretty good.

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