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Spiral manga

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A few days ago, I read the first two volumes of a mystery manga called Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning. I mainly read it because its illustrated by the artist who drew the manga series Records of a Fallen Vampire, which I like.

The manga is about a high schooler whose older brother goes missing while trying to find out about “The Blade Children”. Years later, the protagonist is still hoping for his brother to return. One day, a murder occurs at his school, and the Blade Children may be related!

The manga will bore anyone who wants fast paced action as opposed to mysteries where the main character actually thinks. This might be one of Yen Press’s best manga series, and if you like other detective manga like Case Closed or Zodiac P.I., then this will be your cup of tea.

I’ll definitely check out volume 3 soon enough.

Reboots are in the air

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As some of you may know, Hollywood seems to be in the habit of bringing back old things for profit. Already, a Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Batman, Superman, and even Jaws are getting remakes. Some of these, like Fantastic Four, really do need a reboot, but Why Spider-Man? Thos three films were awesome! Worse, the reboot will be about Ultimate Spider-Man, which is basiclly an alternate re-telling. It was awful.

The future of Spider-Man cinema?

As for ol’ Supes, DC got lazy and probably canned Superman Returns 2, instead opting for a remake. Again. Sigh.

But the strangest is a planned Wizard of Oz remake. You see, after Alice in Wonderland did well in 3-D, and with Harry Potter coming to a close soon, WB needs some new fantasy films other than Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. So, they are planning a Oz remake. IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?!?

This is Hollywood's fault.

Yeah. Just great. Still, it could be fun seeing it in 3-D. However, the reboots need to stop.