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Anime that should air on Nicktoons/Nickelodian

Posted in anime with tags , , , , , , , on December 16, 2010 by Pirate

With Nicktoons having aired most of the Friexa arc of Dragon Ball Kai, I think that Nick should consider airing more FUNimation anime. It couldn’t hurt, and might even help ratings more, I think. The list of anime that I think Nick should consider are:

Dragon Ball Z (Buu arc) Well, becauseĀ  if the rumors are true, and Kai ends after Cell arc, then Nick should air the final arc of DBZ, so that the kids watching have more closure and get to see the awesome Buu. Besides, I doubt the ratings would drop, since most of the people watching wouldn’t stop watching. If anyting, it would attract fans of the original anime.

Dragon Ball GT This would be the natural follow-up to DBZ Kai and DBZ. It makes sense. All the kids who watched DBZ would keep watching this because they don’t know any better, so I doubt ratings would drop. I’m just not sure how kids would react to the more “Adventure” themes at the beginning. Still, it would be a worthy addition to the Nicktoons action-lineup.

One Piece Well, if kids like the action/comedy/adventure of Dragon Ball Z/GT, then One Piece is similar enough that the marketing could attract potencial viewers, not to mention it has a very large fan-base, and that it has enough episodes to last a loooong time on the network. Besides, I doubt filler would bother kids since kids didn’t mind the filler from Naruto when it aired on Toonami.