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Nintendo 3DS video games that I plan on buying

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With the Nintendo 3DS supposedly being released in North America around March or April, I figured that I would tell you guys the games announced for the console that I want and why.

Batman 3DS. Yes, there is a Batman game announced for the 3DS. Don’t believe me? Search around the web, and you should find it. I heard that the Batman games for the PS3 are really good, so I think that a Batman game for the 3DS may just have potential.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II. I have always admired the BlazBlue series for its fast, anime-style gameplay. I never got this game, but as a fan of both fighting games and anime, this is a must-buy title for me when it is released in 2011.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions. I am addmittedly not a fan of the DoA series (although I am planning on buying one for the PS2) but this game’s trailer looked really awesome, and the 3D really helps the game. Also, it has a guest star from Ninja Gaiden. Cool.

Dynasty Warriors: Chronicle. Well, I am a fan of the Dynasty series, and so far, there seems no reason for me not to buy the game, so i’ll probably at least give it a rent.

Dragon Ball. So far, there is nothing known about this game at all, but like above, so far there is no reason for me NOT to get the game. So…

Gundam: The 3D Battle. I hope this game is licensed. I am a fan of all Gundam video games, but none for the DS were licensed. If this one is licensed, I’ll have to get it. All that sweet, 3D mecha action. In space. With politics. OH YEAH!

Kid Icarus: Uprising. Okay, the gameplay looks sweet, the graphics look extraordinary for a small console, you can fly and fight againts hordes of demons, and more than one person has called this game the best 3DS game yet. Of course I am getting this!

Kingdom Hearts 3D. Kingdom Hearts has become one of my favorite video game series ever, so this game is automaticlly a must-buy. Also, no one seems to know when this game takes place, adding mystery to it.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I loved Wind Waker. I really, really enjoyed that game. And this game inspired it. Also, its a classic and everyone calls it the best Legend of Zelda game ever. So, I need to get it.

Mega Man Legends 3. I never played the first two, but I heard they were great. Besides, I always enjoy Mega Man games, and this being a 3D platformer Mega Man game helps it all the more.

Mario Kart 3DS. This is only a maybe. I was never crazy about the Mario Kart series, ut if this one gets good reviews, than I guess I may get it.

Naruto 3DS. I love the Naruto franchise. ’nuff said, I think. Also, in 3D.

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet. This game is also for normal DS, but yeah, I think I’ll wait for 3DS. Plus, I enjoyed Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and fans call this game MUA junior, so…

Paper Mario 3DS. Well, I enjoyed games 2 and 3 of Paper Mario, so if this a remake of the first one, I’ll get it. Even if it isn’t, I’ll get it.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicle. This game is the latest in another beat ’em up series that I like, so I’ll get it, if not just cause its a beat ’em up.

Star Fox 64 3DS. As a fan of Star Fox who has never played 64, I owe it to myself to get this flight/sci-fi remake of a classic game.

Yu-Gi-Oh 3DS. Yes, they announced a 3DS Yu-Gi-Oh game. I may get it, may not.

Anyway, that is my list. Thoughts?

Dragonball Evolution: Homage or Parody?

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I watched Dragonball: Evolution today, and I wasn’t dissapointed. You see, I already knew it’d be bad and boring. This is nothing like the manga or anime!

Compare this...

The actors, for the most part, looked nothing like the manga characters, the “Mafuba” is taken way too seriously, Piccolo is, well, differnt, and who is that lady supposed to be? Goku is teased and goes to school, and Chi-Chi is a brawler!

To this. See the difference?

As for the actual movie, it just wasn’t that good. I’d take the manga or anime any day! The film’s plot is too rushed, the special effects were very weak. A blockbuster this isn’t. The romance felt contrived, and the acting wasn’t anything special, and a certain wide plot-hole at the end felt very annoying.

So true, so true.

This film did to Dragonball what that awful Mario film did to the Mario games. Avoid this film, and watch the animated ones instead.