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8th Naruto anime film to open in Japanese theatres summer 2011.

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Well, that was fast. TOHO announced that the eighth Naruto anime film, based on the ongoing manga series by Masashi Kishimoto, will open in Japan next summer. This will be the 8th Naruto film, and the fifth Shippuden film. The 7th Naruto film had opened in Japan this spring.

In North America, Viz Media hold the rights to the Naruto manga, anime, and films. Viz released the fourth Naruto film early this year, and is expected to release the fifth film next spring. For the 8th film, voice actress Junko Takeuchi will return as the voice of protagonist Naruto Uzumaki. This film has no title yet.

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Anime I like: Naruto

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Well, I might as well say now, Naruto may just be my favorite anime ever! A cool combo of ninjas, action, fantasy, and even comedy is what helps make this anime special. Even the musical score is great, and I never really care about music, but I just couldn’t help noticing.

All rarin to go!

The anime, based on the manga series by Masashi Kishimoto, follows the adventures of a young ninja named Naruto, who is shunned and teased by his peers because inside of him is an evil fox demon that once destroyed the village. Eager to prove himself, Naruto strives to become the greatest ninja ever, and become hokage of his village.

This series starts out simple, but like all good Shonen Jump anime, it becomes very complex later. The author really knows what he’s doing, as the plots never really stumbles on itself. The animation is the standard Shonen animation, which means its pretty good, with fast movement, and nice enviormental eye-candy. The character designs are original, and most people won’t look alike.

"I'm gonna be hokage one day! Believe it!"

Viz Media did a good job with the dub, and most of the VA’s really do their job. Naruto’s VA starts out kinda rocky, but by the end of arc one, has nailed Naruto, espeacilly with those emotional scenes. The fight scenes are vibrant and exciting, with most of them not getting old and boring.

"Hey, what?"

This is a long series though, so you’ll need to have alot of time on your hands to watch it. But its worth it, trust me. Believe it!