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List of anime streaming at ANN (P-R)

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Hi, guys. I am still continuing my list of anime streaming at Anime News Network! Now we will see the P-R anime on the list.

Petite Princess Yucie (Subbed and dubbed) All 26 episodes subbed and dubbed. Licensed by ??

Pretty Cure (subbed) 48 episodes out of 49. Licensed by ??

Prince of Tennis (subbed) Random 33 episodes out of 178. Licensed by Viz Media.

Ristorante Paradiso (subbed) All 11 episodes. Licensed by ??

Robotech (subbed and dubbed) All 85 episodes. Licensed by ADV and Manga Entertainment.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (dubbed) Complete film. Licensed by FUNimation and Harmony Gold.

Rumbling Hearts (Subbed and dubbed) First 4 episodes out of 14 subbed, first 2 dubbed. Licensed by FUNimation.

Well, the next installment will come soon. Well, go watch some anime!