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Reborn is a comedy turn action.

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I’ve been reading the Japanese manga Reborn! known in Japan as Kaktekyo Hitman Reborn. It is written and illustrated by Akira Amano, and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. In the US, it is licensed by Viz Media under their Shonen Jump Advanced lineup.

The plot is fairly simple at first. High-schooler Tsuna Sawada is about as hapless and useless as a kid can get. One day, a mysterious baby named Reborn arrives at his house and informs the youth that it is his mission to train Tsuna to become a mafic boss. With the help of a magic bullet, Reborn begins his crazy and unpredictable tutoring on poor Tsuna, who wants nothing to do with this. And thus, crazieness starts!

This series is pretty wird at times. Along his path to become a mafia boss, Tsuna meets super-babies, poison-cooking experts, shape-shifting chameleons, and other weird things. Those who cannot tolerate weirdness should stop reading now. Also, it should be noted that in volume 8, the series comedic nature suddenly becomes a serious, more violent mafia action series that feels more in-place as a Shonen Jump manga.



I am enjoying the series very much so far (I am currently up to volume 16) and anyone who likes Shonen Jump manga won’t be dissapointed. If you like comedy, thats here. If you like tourneys, thats here. Gun and fist fights? Check. Mafia and gangster content? Yeah. Big Shonen fights? Totally!


In Japan, this manga started its serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump on April 4, 2004, and is still going with 28 volumes. Volume 15 just came out in North America. An anime version, animated by Artland, premiered on TV Tokyo on October 7, 2006, and is still going with 180 episodes.

This manga is a very fun read, and I reccomend it.

This manga is rated OT, and contains language and graphic, realistic violence involving guns, knives, and other gangster things.

TMNT Forever: A treat for the fans.

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On Saturday morning, I got around to watching the TMNT Forever movie on The CW4Kids block. After all, alot of people wanted me to see it, saying it was the biggest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles event ever! You see, I’m not really a fan of the franchise, but it was on TV, so why not?

The main point of the film is a crossover of the 2003 turtles, and the old 1980s turtles, if I remember correctly, and they have to team up to stop the Shredder (who had been previously defeated) from destroying not only the universe, but every single universe!

Any fan of the franchise will love this. Homages are made to the old cartoon, the script is full of references and sly winks, and one scene shows turtles from tons of different media, comics, and even the recent CGI film.

One thing that bothered me was that even though it was a film, the animation didn’t seem that much better than the TV show. What happened to the budget?

New Teenage mutant ninja turtles, meet old teenage mutant ninja turtles.

The fight sequences are okay, and the movie doesn’t bore you. I just feel it lacked something, and even the resolution seems a bit lazy. After all, the fearsome villain loses because his dolt henchmen accidentally blast him with some cannon thing. The very ending is clever though (I won’t spoil it) and the voice acting felt good. I was just hoping for something that didn’t feel like a normal episode.

Still, you can tell that the creators (Not 4Kids, of course) really tried their hardest to make a great movie that fans would like. Its a shame that the film pretty much bombed, and that a DVD release may be non-existant. Too bad, since many fans don’t even know this exists.

This film will leave fans yelling “Turtle power!’, but causual viewers may find it fluffy Saturday morning cartoon stuff.


Soulcalibur 2: Blade-edge fun.

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When I got Soulcalibur 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be a Tekken or Mortal Kombat clone? Maybe Omnimusha? Like Street Fighter, perhaps? Well, yes and no.

Soulcalibur, for those who don’t know, is a fighting game series for sword-wielders. This game guest-starred Link of The Legend of Zelda fame, which is actually one of the reasons I got it. That and that its a fighting game. I dig those.

Anyway, the game’s not too bad. The animation is pretty good for the Gamecube, and the controls aren’t complicated enough to want to break your controller. I liked the stages and custom-weapons you could equip your characters with. The main gripe I had was with the story-mode.

Link VS Taki: A fight that can never happen in a decent story mode!

The story-mode is actually pretty ridiculous and unbelievable.  You play as a wandering swordsman seraching for this legendary sword called the “Soulcalibur”, which houses some evil demon or whatever. And now, with no clue AT ALL where it is, you walk around randomly, fighting random people, and conveniantly getting hints and such. Yeah. Also, no cutscenes, which felt outdated.

Hey, Link! Why is that girl kicking your butt?!?

Story-mode aside, this game is definately a must for fighting game fans, and the added bonus of Link is also cool! Anyway, Gamestop will have this game for cheap, so pick it up.

Soulcalibur 2 is rated T, and contains bloodless fantasy violence, mild language, and mild sensuality.

Coraline: You will never look at buttons the same way again.

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After reading the kids horror book by Neil Gaiman, I was pretty happy to hear that an animated film was in the works. As soon as I could, I saw the film, keeping my expectations at medium. After seeing it, I wasn’t totally sure how to describe it. Weird, I guess.

In the film, a young girl named Coraline, after moving to a boring, dull town, finds a weird door in her house that leads to a mirror dimension that looks exactly like hers, only more exciting and fun. Thing is, her “Other” parents, which is what the parents in the other dimension are called, want her to stay with them forever.

The film is animated using stop-animation with puppets, adding to a haunting look, and rest assured, not as ugly as Wallace and Grommit.

The film is a surprsing breath of fresh air from most crude kid films nowadays. The script isn’t silly, the voice acting is actually good, and its not kiddish and doesn’t dumb it down for the audience. Coraline herself can be a brat, but not hard to root for.

She has buttns for eyes? Really.

Henry Selick makes a dazzling world where the beautiful can become ugly and grim in an instant. The other mom makes such a startling transformation that makes you wonder if she really ever looked normal.

Dakota Fanning and Terri Hatcher are both very good here, and the film never feels too long.

A normal family breakfast.

This is one kids film that adults can enjoy too without feeling guilty or silly. So enjoy it guilt free, and refrain from thinking about buttons that night.

Anime I like: Naruto

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Well, I might as well say now, Naruto may just be my favorite anime ever! A cool combo of ninjas, action, fantasy, and even comedy is what helps make this anime special. Even the musical score is great, and I never really care about music, but I just couldn’t help noticing.

All rarin to go!

The anime, based on the manga series by Masashi Kishimoto, follows the adventures of a young ninja named Naruto, who is shunned and teased by his peers because inside of him is an evil fox demon that once destroyed the village. Eager to prove himself, Naruto strives to become the greatest ninja ever, and become hokage of his village.

This series starts out simple, but like all good Shonen Jump anime, it becomes very complex later. The author really knows what he’s doing, as the plots never really stumbles on itself. The animation is the standard Shonen animation, which means its pretty good, with fast movement, and nice enviormental eye-candy. The character designs are original, and most people won’t look alike.

"I'm gonna be hokage one day! Believe it!"

Viz Media did a good job with the dub, and most of the VA’s really do their job. Naruto’s VA starts out kinda rocky, but by the end of arc one, has nailed Naruto, espeacilly with those emotional scenes. The fight scenes are vibrant and exciting, with most of them not getting old and boring.

"Hey, what?"

This is a long series though, so you’ll need to have alot of time on your hands to watch it. But its worth it, trust me. Believe it!

Dragonball Evolution: Homage or Parody?

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I watched Dragonball: Evolution today, and I wasn’t dissapointed. You see, I already knew it’d be bad and boring. This is nothing like the manga or anime!

Compare this...

The actors, for the most part, looked nothing like the manga characters, the “Mafuba” is taken way too seriously, Piccolo is, well, differnt, and who is that lady supposed to be? Goku is teased and goes to school, and Chi-Chi is a brawler!

To this. See the difference?

As for the actual movie, it just wasn’t that good. I’d take the manga or anime any day! The film’s plot is too rushed, the special effects were very weak. A blockbuster this isn’t. The romance felt contrived, and the acting wasn’t anything special, and a certain wide plot-hole at the end felt very annoying.

So true, so true.

This film did to Dragonball what that awful Mario film did to the Mario games. Avoid this film, and watch the animated ones instead.

Spiral manga

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A few days ago, I read the first two volumes of a mystery manga called Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning. I mainly read it because its illustrated by the artist who drew the manga series Records of a Fallen Vampire, which I like.

The manga is about a high schooler whose older brother goes missing while trying to find out about “The Blade Children”. Years later, the protagonist is still hoping for his brother to return. One day, a murder occurs at his school, and the Blade Children may be related!

The manga will bore anyone who wants fast paced action as opposed to mysteries where the main character actually thinks. This might be one of Yen Press’s best manga series, and if you like other detective manga like Case Closed or Zodiac P.I., then this will be your cup of tea.

I’ll definitely check out volume 3 soon enough.